If you turn off event collection in the iOS Cosmic Ray App, no data is sent from the app to servers.

With 1.2 we offer the ability to take part in the Global Cosmic Ray Observer. When you enable this on your iOS device, Cosmic Ray App will send the following data to the server for every event detected:

  1. A unique ID for identifying your device. This Id does not contain any personal information about you at all. Its a randomly generated number that may/will change on every install of the application.
  2. The make and model of your iOS device, along with the iOS version. (Much like when visiting a web page)
  3. The geolocation of your device so theĀ Global Cosmic Ray Observer server can plot the location of Cosmic Ray Events on a world map, and so clusters of events can be found.
  4. The time of the event.
  5. A very small photo of the event found (60px * 60px). The app endeavours to only send images that are ‘dark’.

The live server display of this data obfuscates the location of the event to 100metres to further protect privacy.

These events once submitted cannot be deleted from the server, and become property of theĀ Global Cosmic Ray Observer. The event logs will be publicly available for research purposes, where the data will be used by scientists to learn more about the distribution of Cosmic Rays.