Server Live

The server is live at

There are many improvements planned, but you can get an idea of the future of smartphone cosmic ray research by checking out the new site. Don’t forget to find those old iPhone 4s or 5s and plug em in! Cracked screens and no cell service are fine! Join the global cosmic ray team today! If anyone is a crack Android developer, let me know, we really need Android support.

Some features:

  • There is a link in the app to view all the events from your device.
  • The initial view is map┬ábased (as in the image). It allows for exploration.
  • We are planning on live updating the results coming in! Results are up to the minute or better now.
  • You can get views that show all the events in one (about 5km across) region, or look at all the events sorted by time, or see all the events sorted by score.
  • The locations are limited in precision for privacy considerations.

I am looking to update the iOS application next week to clean up the images from many of the newer phones. I am also promised a really fast GPU based signal analysis on the newer phones.


The server is at

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