Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory

A new collaboration paper has been posted on the arXiv  –

It references the cosmic ray app! We are looking for people in the collaboration to expand the iOS and server apps to integrate with the goals of the collaboration. Looking for instance to take the source code public (perhaps), add api calls to other event repos, etc.  See our app in action at .

We are excited about the observations planned here. The idea is to look for world wide shower patterns, of which not much is known since current detectors (well not cosmic ray app!) don’t have a global view of cosmic ray events.

The link to the PDF is here.

Here is our reference:

Thus, all the cosmic ray detectors working in this range, beginning from smartphones (e.g. DECO [4], CRAYFIS [5], CREDO Detector [6–8], Cosmic Ray App [9]) a

arXiv paper






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