Cosmic Ray App’s competition – Crayfis

Of course, it’s not really competition, its all the more fun and science!

From The Crayfis Blog

While it may appear that the CRAYFIS experiment has pulled a Rip Van Winkle, disappearing for the Tumblr-equivalent of 20 years, we’ve been as hard at work as ever. Since our last big publicity push in 2014, we’ve had several graduate students finish their PhD’s and move on – not necessarily to bigger and better things – but certainly to more lucrative prospects. Meanwhile, we’ve filled the gaps with a new generation of full-time CRAYFIS-ers who are helping to close the gap between a neat idea and a fully-fledged cosmic ray experiment.


Frankly, I find their software approach baffling. Its pretty easy to detect a GeV hit on a CCD. Good luck to them! It makes me want to go and add the server part to Cosmic Ray!



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