Cosmic Ray Server needed – Physics student required.

Right now the results obtained with Cosmic Ray app while neato and all that, lack that ability that the internet gave us – namely to network!

I have a plan for a hopefully straightforward server that will collate, display and generally inform everyone (who chooses) about all the other Cosmic Ray apps running all around the world. Note that I am an experienced software engineer with a Ph.D. in physics.

I’m thinking and some recent favourite events pictured. Sort of like this live earthquake map (only more active and engaging).

With that in mind is there a physics student out there with (or wanting to learn) some of js/css/ruby/nodejsĀ AND wants to be part of an actual experiment?

Note that I have come to the conclusion that not only is this a good educational project, there is also no experiment that looks at high energy events on a global real-time scale.

So we can work together and build a real physics experiment with worldwide participation!


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