We are live!

The initial version is out on  the Apple App Store.

A 2 block event with a score of 1677. Scores in version 1 are not absolute, but rather relative – different phones will have different scores for similar events.

These shots are from my iPhone 5. Different phones have different looks. You can see some shape to this event.

The best way to run the app is overnight or for a few hours while the phone is plugged in to power.

We are really looking for feedback for the next step – which will be a server where your phone can report events to. We are thinking about whether to have user accounts, etc.

This looks like there might be some small shower events.

A cosmic ray shower is about 1 km in diameter on the ground, which happens to align with the size of a typical university campus. Eventually we want to have teams per university competing for the most/best events. It might get fun.

So one thought is that the server connected version will show a map of (anonymized) events on an  map of the earth, in real time.

Please comment with your images – cool ‘way to go’ kudos for all submitted images.

You can share an image out to your Dropbox account or email using the app, tap on an event and then pick ‘Save’.


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